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A Celebration of His Manifest Presence

At New Freedom Church, we are building a Kingdom culture by unifying around the manifest presence of God.  We believe that if you create an atmosphere that welcomes His presence, peoples lives will be changed by experiencing His glory.  His presence can accomplish more in a few moments than we can do in a life time.  


We aspire to obtain and keep a "Grace Culture".  We believe that we live in the fulfillment of Grace, and that we are called to minister God's grace to the world.  We live with the conviction that grace is the enabler for salvation, healing, miracles and deliverance.  



Our community of believers live with these four pillars built on the foundation of His presence.


1.  God is Good all the time

2.  There is nothing impossible with God

3.  We believe in the victorious finished work of the cross

4.  Every Believer is significant in the Kingdom of God


New Freedom Church desires to influence and see this display of the Kingdom throughout the Wiregrass Area and in the mission fields we encounter.  We are members of Global Legacy and are connected in relationship with Bill Johnson and Bethel Redding.   


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